Commission slots currently OPEN


If you’d like to inquire about commercial freelance work,  please title email

"COMMERCIAL COMMISSION". commercial slots=closed.


 Policies, contact information, etc:

  • Please read all policy/terms info.

  • By commissioning me you agree to the terms below.

  • Fill in the commission form then email me.

  • I accept Paypal. I will send an invoice, please provide your paypal email in your message. If the portion of payment is not complete within 2 days I will cancel and someone else will take your slot. I will not include address for the invoice.

  • Paypal charges an extra percentage for taxes (2.9% + $0.30). It will be included in your price estimate.

  • You MUST be able to pay 60% upfront to reserve a slot! I will not start your commission until I have received payment. I will provide low res WIPS and the final preview will be low res, covered with a large watermark.

  • After the commission is completed I will send the final invoice to finish payment. After payment goes through the full res image sent -not obstructed by large watermark.

  • If you cancel during the sketch/thumbnails stage of the commission,  60% upfront deposit is kept to reimburse the work I have done up to that point. If I hadn't done any work/sketches I refund the full deposit. If you cancel  in the middle of the coloring/inking stage, you are bound by these terms to finish the full payment to reimburse the hours I've spent working. If you are excessively rude to me I will cancel and not refund.

  • . For full illustrations, a payment plan can be worked out, but I will still expect a portion of payment upfront.

  • If you do order multiple characters, be sure to specify if you’d like them in the same image (interacting) or as separate images.

  • Revisions after the final piece is completed will be charged $10-$20. The additional charge is added to the base price of the commission, and will be added again for each further round of revisions.

  • I prefer to not draw armors/certain species from games exactly the same. For an extra fee, I will redesign some details based off of the original design (close but far enough to not overstep licensing issues).Original characters with no licensed designs are fine, please provide picture refs of them. If you have questions about what is acceptable or not, please email me.

  •  I reserve the right to decline a commission from anyone, for any reason.

  • You can do whatever you want with the final image as long as it falls under personal use (using it as an avatar/icon online, printing it out to hang in your home, etc.). I retain the rights to the image, so commercial use is NOT okay. However, if you’re interested in hiring me for commercial freelance work, pleas title your email 'commercial commission" so we can discuss it!


So you’ve read the above and want to order a commission.

What next?

  • Email me (do NOT contact me via tumblr) at and tell me what you want drawn. Fill the form and provide your paypal email.

  • Once I’ve replied with confirmation that I’ve accepted your commission, I will send you an invoice. If you have questions about payment please ask.

  • I was previously known as owlieclawdraws / cosmimothstudios. If you ever ask if I stole "owlieclawdraws' art I will assume you did not read all of my terms and will automatically reject your commission request.


         Terms by la

commission form


  • NAME/URL: [who does the character belong to?]

  • PAYPAL EMAIL: [where do I send my invoice to for payment?]

  • WHO/WHAT: [who/what do you want drawn. How many?]

  • HOW: [monochrome,color  normal proportions, chibi proportions, illustration etc?]

  • REFS: [links to irl pics/fashion/colors/ refs sheets/ decriptions etc]

  • POSES: [links to img refs/ descriptions, ideas]

  • OTHER: [questions/more info etc?]

quick contact form

will/won't draw

Success! Message received.



  • characters/object heads/anthros/monsters/rl people/fanart

  • partial nudity/affectionate stuff/lingerie(pinup) [m/f/etc-lbgtqa etc]

  • blood and gore (depends - ask, I won’t judge)

  • stuff involving food (I love drawing food/eating 0p 0)



  • hate art

  • porn